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Although we would be happy to start talking about your tattoo over email, we don’t give quotes over email because there is a chance for miscommunication. The best thing to do is come in and talk to us in person so we can really understand what you would like to get. Let the artist know if you’re trying to stay in a certain price range, and we’ll do our best to work with your budget.

Treat your tattoo like a fresh wound, do not expose to the elements.
In 24 hours remove the bandage.
Gently clean the tattoo only with your clean hands and liquid hand soap.
Rinse with water hitting above the tattoo. Dab dry with a clean paper towel.
Clean 3 times a day until it’s completely healed.
After cleaning, for the first 2 days, apply a dimes worth of A & D ointment.
On the 3rd day start applying a white lotion until it’s completely healed.
Don’t scrub, itch, pick scabs, use lotions/soaps with scents or dyes.
Don’t soak or swim in water or the sun until it is completely healed.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call the shop!

We pride ourselves on being able to tattoo many different styles. Diversity is a strength of our Redsmoke tattoo shop.

We are more than happy to do re-works and cover ups. Please feel free to contact us over email or in person to talk more about it.

Yes, but we will require a 50% deposit through Paytm, Google Pay Or Cash that goes toward the price of your tattoo when you come in for the work.

Yes we do piercings.

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