Your tattoo is about you!

let us make it uniquely yours 🙂

Badshah Ashish is a certified tattoo artist to help you get a perfect creative custom tattoo which is uniquely designed based on your ideas, values and beliefs. Redsmoke tattoo is the brand people trust, we are recognised as one of the best tattoo studio in indore / India.

Getting a tattoo has
never been so simple and easy

Do you find the process of getting a tattoo intimidating? Choosing a right tattoo studio in India or the right tattoo artist for that matter can be confusing, finding a great tattoo design at the best price could be chaotic and tiring. Let us take care of everything


Redsmoke Tattoo studio was started by Badshah Ashish in 2016. he has been working in this industry for over 6 years now. one of the Best artist in India , He holds the most number of awards and has been a part of Indian and international convention and won many awards. He love being allowed to have creative freedom, to give people unique custom tattoos that stray from the generic and mundane.

Customer’s satisfaction is our utter priority. We prefer to collaborate with the customers to come up with new designs, or work on existing ones. We believe in constant learning and improvisation. We try to evolve with the industry, keep up with all the new methods and techniques. In a word, we strive to give you the best experience, and also, a unique piece of art that leaves both, you and the artist highly satisfied.

Don’t miss out on his portfolio. Specialist in Realistic and ornamental Tattoos. We feature some of our works here to give you an idea about what we are up-to. Badshah Ashish have a amazing ideas and team of people, who makes all of this possible.

We have types of tattoo range styles including traditional, neo-traditional, realism, illustrative, Japanese, geometric, black work, black and grey, and colour. Whatever your style, we ink to please.

Redsmoke Gallery